Research & Vision Workshop

Understand your customers, define goals and use behavioural insights to identify key solutions.

Our design strategist brings together shared research and an understanding of your business and adds insight and observations, with a detailed output that can be used in a one day vision workshop to define business vision, goals and success criteria. During this workshop we can bring together all key stakeholders and identify the key priorities in the project.

Through the process we use behavioural psychology integrating Coglode's product Nuggets, developed by our co-founder. This is behaviour research translated into bite size pieces for creative teams. The aim of the workshop is to isolate and prioritise the most important themes of the project, generating opportunities and ideas.


To establish clear focus and customer solution areas, agreed by all stakeholders.


Our designers deliver a research documentation pack that includes prioritised actions to feed into the vision workshop. The vision workshop would include all of your key stakeholders plus 4 ribot’s including a designer, developer, facilitator and an account manager. The workshop will use behavioural insights and enable you to outline a core user journey to assist with the digital product strategy going forward.

What's next?

You’re ready to Sprint & Prototype.

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