Helping everyday people live

simpler, more fulfilling lives…

Our values


We here at ribot are a mixed bunch: robot-makers, ultra-runners, coffee addicts. And though we’re all different, we’re open, flexible and ultimately full of mutual respect for one another. We tend not to work weekends or late nights, instead believing in a modern work-life balance that’s sustainable both for our team and the high quality of our projects.


Fundamentally, we all utterly love what we do every day. We geek out on little details that many may never realise and challenge ourselves with ever more difficult problems. We’re keen to use our understanding of technology and design to make many many lives both easier and better. However, we also have an unhealthy company-wide obsession with puns, which makes ribot life harder and ultimately worse!


It’s not enough just to be different. We believe in pioneering new ideas that fundamentally make the world a better, simpler place to be. Whether it’s during our ribotDays or in the midst of a project, we’re questioning everything with child-like fascination, constantly tinkering and researching new ideas as we go. And we take risks with our work, not because it’s exciting and edgy, but purely because it’s too risky not to.

… and Fun!

We’re living proof that you can do work to an incredibly-high standard and do so with a smile on your face. ‘Work’ shouldn’t be the thing you dread on a Sunday night. It’s where you spend the majority of your existence, so why not celebrate that? We dedicate a lot of our time to make sure we create a naturally-fun environment that we can all call our second home.