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We’re a design and development studio…

We strive to create extraordinary digital experiences. Our lean, iterative process is proven to create better, immediately-lovable products. We innovate with brands across the globe to deliver magical user experiences to millions of people.

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Playbook for Developers
Design and Development for Android app

A new Android app for developers. We were asked by Google to work together on a new project to help developers find success on Google Play.

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Design and development for iOS app

We teamed up with the US based luxury shoe brand M.Gemi to transform the way customers purchase shoes. M.Gemi approached ribot to help them create a luxurious digital service. This included designing and building an innovative iOS app for iPhone that offers a superior customer experience. The app showcases limited edition shoes and offers a simple mobile payment experience.

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Harris + Hoole
Design and development for iOS and Android apps, promotional videos

We’ve been working with coffee shop chain Harris + Hoole to design and build an award-winning mobile service, seamlessly fusing the physical with the digital, providing next-gen loyalty and an unparalleled frictionless payments experience.

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We help you develop an understanding of the business problem and unique audience insights and how success will be determined. We’ll collaborate with you to create innovative solutions to challenging business problems, reimagining user behaviour in the process. We’ll help you to define both the initial version of your product and its future vision.

Great design is about putting people at the core of what you create. Work with us and you’ll benefit from an iterative and lean user experience design approach that does just this. Our process allows us to create ground-breaking, beautifully-crafted user experiences across all platforms, whether that’s design consultancy or an end-to-end design and development project.

We’re a digital studio that can design and develop for all platforms. We have Android, iOS and web development teams that use a lean and agile development process to test product assumptions in an iterative fashion. Our testing and quality checking processes ensure that products are launched with confidence.

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