Behavioural Insight Workshop

A behavioural insight training workshop that helps teams make better product decisions, build brand loyalty and create positive user experiences.

This is a one day workshop to help product and design teams make better decisions. Understanding the latest behavioural research is critical to designing industry leading products and experiences. This one day training workshop will help teams reach a common understanding of behavioural principles and the art of applying them.


We use Nuggets from Coglode, a Behavioural Insights Library you can use time and time again. Coglode read behavioural psychology research, distill it down into bite-size chunks and provide teams with a practical tool to apply insights. Each Nugget is carefully crafted to summarise research.

The smartest companies including Spotify, Google and Facebook are already using behavioural research from Coglode.

Antony Ribot, CEO, ribot

ribot partner with brands to put the customer at the centre of innovation, so together we can design experiences and products customers actually want and will use. 
ribot have been applying behavioural research to digital projects for Google, Tesco, Intel, Microsoft and others for the last 10 years.


Typically this is a 1 day workshop delivered by a ribot designer using Coglode Nuggets. This onsite training could include up to 30 members of your team.

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