Helping everyday people live simpler, more fulfilling lives…

Our values


We here at ribot are a mixed bunch: robot-makers, ultra-runners, coffee addicts. And though we’re all different, we’re open, flexible and ultimately full of mutual respect for one another. We tend not to work weekends or late nights, instead believing in a modern work-life balance that’s sustainable both for our team and the high quality of our projects.



Fundamentally, we all utterly love what we do every day. We geek out on little details that many may never realise and challenge ourselves with ever more difficult problems. We’re keen to use our understanding of technology and design to make many many lives both easier and better. However, we also have an unhealthy company-wide obsession with puns, which makes ribot life harder and ultimately worse!



It’s not enough just to be different. We believe in pioneering new ideas that fundamentally make the world a better, simpler place to be. Whether it’s during our ribotDays or in the midst of a project, we’re questioning everything with child-like fascination, constantly tinkering and researching new ideas as we go. And we take risks with our work, not because it’s exciting and edgy, but purely because it’s too risky not to.


… and Fun!

We’re living proof that you can do work to an incredibly-high standard and do so with a smile on your face. ‘Work’ shouldn’t be the thing you dread on a Sunday night. It’s where you spend the majority of your existence, so why not celebrate that? We dedicate a lot of our time to make sure we create a naturally-fun environment that we can all call our second home.


Antony Ribot


Co-founder of ribot, Antony is inspired by human behaviour, natural systems and good food. When not thinking about what’s for dinner, Antony loves to ponder the possibilities of the latest phones, tablets and tech; imagining what’s just over the horizon and shaping the team ribot vision.

Ben Breckler


Ben is most often found with a pen in hand and a large sheet of paper before him. Turning complicated concepts into simple but stunning motion designs, taking ideas and sketching concepts which in turn get lovingly crafted into great looking user interfaces.

Jemma Slater


Jemma sprinkles ribot code with sparkle, using a combination of tea, chocolate and enthusiasm to fuel her Android and iOS projects. She questions everything with fascination and soaks up information from everyone to make our projects great. When she’s not at ribot, she enjoys going to musicals and dancing the night away!

Jerome Ribot

Chief Design Officer

Jerome somehow manages to think inside, outside and around the box, seeking solutions to ancient problems using the latest technologies and techniques. Always on the go, never satisfied with “good enough”, Jerome drives ribot’s creative, design, development and direction.

Jo Ross

Head of Client Services

Jo is a driving force in understanding what our clients need and want. She makes sure everyone is happy by listening, questioning, collaborating, fixing, and iterating our processes. She does all this calmly and with an air of glamour. When not at ribot you’ll find Jo scouring antique emporiums for rare vintage finds or enjoying a muddy run across the South Downs. Jo is a very social butterfly and loves food, especially tapas and meze.

Kerry Manley

Head of Marketing

Kerry is passionate about the art of communication and connecting with people. She is inspired by the great experiences ribot create and is happy to shout about them from the rooftops, although we usually encourage her to stay inside and write about us instead. Outside of ribot you’ll find Kerry trying to curb her chocolate cravings with the latest exercise fad or indulging in a spot of retail therapy.

Lindsay Scott

Head of Operations

With a passion for people at her core, Lindsay rides around on her Vespa, organising, solving and fixing everything in her path, whilst singing about it all in sweet Motown style - she’s in a cool band, y’know. Lindsay’s driven by a need to help make the lives of others as easy as possible — no matter the task! L to the I-N-D-S-A-Y! Go Lindsay!! *CLAP*-*CLAP* *CLAP* Go Lindsay!!

Tara Etherington


Living and breathing art and design, Tara turns concepts and visions into glorious graphics and exciting user experiences. Her passion is making the world a better place, enriching the lives of others with great design. When not scribbling and crafting, she’s surfing and climbing.

Trevor May


Trevor crafts elegant multi-device experiences with pixels and magic while tanked up on artisan coffee and Col-Erase pencil shaving fumes. He can also be found going on about Disneyland (again), playing video games terribly, or drawing a face on something.

Join us!

We’re always on the lookout for talented and like-minded individuals. So if you want to join our loveable team down on the South Coast and work on game-changing projects, look no further. ribot are here to welcome you. Pop over your CV and covering letter to us at