Senior Product Designer

Full-time in Brighton, UK

About Us 👋

We’re a design and development studio based in Brighton, UK. We strive to create extraordinary digital experiences. We specialise in crafting high-end web and mobile applications, with a passion to merge the digital and physical through IoT, AR, VR, and other emerging technologies. Our lean, iterative process is proven to create better, immediately-lovable products. We innovate with brands such as Google, Tesco, Channel 4, H+H, and others across the globe to deliver meaningful user experiences to millions of people.

We’re looking for a full-time Senior Product Designer to join our team in Brighton!

Antony Ribot – CEO

You 👈

You’ll be leading and assisting innovative projects from running design sprints, initial conceptual sketches, digital wireframes, visual design, motion design and interactive prototypes through to the final product.

You’ll work closely with designers and developers to provide feedback and regularly collaborate with clients. We are looking for you to create outstanding, meaningful and fun customer experiences across a variety of digital (and sometimes physical) platforms: Web, iOS, Android, IoT and maybe soon VR and AR.

You’ll be designing towards simplicity, paying attention to the little details and applying cognitive psychology to your process.

What we are looking for 😍

  • Highly skilled in the latest design tools (such as Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop) and open to learn new ones when appropriate.
  • Comfortable using prototyping and motion tools (such as Invision, Principle, Flinto, After Effects).
  • 3+ years of experience crafting high quality digital experiences for iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Passionate about, researching and analysing emerging technologies like IoT, AR and VR and knowing when to apply them in a useful and impactful way.
  • Enjoy all aspects of the design process (research, design sprints, wireframes, visual design, prototyping, and motion design).
  • Excellent communication skills and comfortable working directly with clients.
  • Easily collaborate with other designers and developers, in the studio and remotely.
  • Able to translate stakeholder goals, user research, and complex user flows into simple, exciting interfaces.
  • An ability to put design decisions over ego and an objective nature, to iterate on designs within a team, and not get attached to own ideas.
  • Up to date with best practices, strong knowledge of UI, UX principles and understanding when and where user testing and research fits into the product design process.

Why join ribot? 🚀

  • The opportunity to work on globally-influential and industry-defining projects
  • A friendly, highly talented and award-winning team to collaborate with
  • A healthy salary (negotiable)
  • A tasty new MacBook and any tools you need
  • Flexible, family-friendly working hours
  • Your personal ribot hex code (the most important thing!)

    Are you interested, and think you’re right for the role? Introduce yourself, send us your portfolio and resume to

    Include examples of how you have applied simplicity, attention to detail and cognitive psychology where you can. We are looking forward to hearing from you!