Just One More is an award-winning universal iOS app bringing you the best animations, shorts, and documentaries for your daily viewing pleasure.

Leave yourself behind

Sometimes you just want to get away and lose yourself in a beautiful, eclectic visual journey, transported effortlessly to another place by brilliant minds. Just One More (or J1M for short) takes you there.

All-indie, all the time

The guys at Future Shorts have kindly let us use their service to bring to you the best indie film-making on the planet. Each month they sift through the wonderful world of short film, sourcing the greatest content so that you don't have to.

Addictively inspirational

We’ve designed J1M to make it really easy to watch more amazing content, focusing your attention on what you haven’t watched as opposed to what you have. Small details like these make J1M extremely addictive and enjoyable to use.


We only care about showing you the best content, so we’ve stripped all the unnecessaries away to make the app ridiculously simple and focused. No ads, no clutter; simply a lean, mean, art-watching machine!

Multi-screen cinema

Love Just One More but want to share the love with other peeps in the room? J1M is Airplay-enabled so you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote control.

Appcademy Award-winning

J1M earned kudos when Apple awarded it New & Noteworthy status for Entertainment. Shortly followed by Google showcasing J1M at their annual I/O conference. Check out the video here.

And the surprise?

It’s all built using web technologies! CSS3, HTML5 and responsive, baybeh! In fact, J1M was the first web-tech app to be featured as New and Noteworthy by Apple, which is rather pleasing.

So what are you waiting for?

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