We’ve been working with new coffee shop chain Harris + Hoole to design and build their delectable new mobile service, revolutionising the in-store coffee experience in the process.

Introducing H+H

Introducing H + H

A little background

Harris + Hoole is a small chain of artisan coffee shops founded in 2012. They're bringing the latest barista methods and cutting edge tech to shake up the stale high street coffee offering with a new premium angle.

Early in 2013, Tesco recommended us to the guys at H+H, but we really weren’t interested in creating a me-too experience, like so many other retailers - we wanted to really make the in-store experience so much better...


So why H + H?

The 3 reasons we were keen to partner

After talking with Danielle, Director of Digital Experience, H+H became a fascinating proposition because they:

  1. Are on the same wavelength regarding using tech to dramatically improve the customer coffee shop experience.
  2. Understood the need to design their in-store physical experiences and customer flow around their apps.
  3. Are energetic, have little legacy and are willing to take risks.

Crafting a visionary experience

The app enhances the physical in-shop experience with an almost invisible layer of technology, resulting in a magical customer experience. It goes something like this...

Checking in and ordering is really simple.


From the moment you enter

Checking in is effortless. Go to any H+H shop, and pull down on your loyalty card on the app to check in. Walk to the counter… smile… and say "hello". Easy peasy.

Hi Jerome

Barista already knows you

They're always glad you came

Because of the app, Mister Barista already knows your name and usual coffee, so more time can be spent having a nice little chat while your drink is prepared to perfection. Which also means less telling them that you "really don't want sugar this time, thanks, no I wanted an extra shot… and is this soy?"

Get stamped

Loyalty's never been so easy

The Barista taps the ‘stamp card’ button on the till and a stamp is instantly added to your loyalty card on the app. When you've filled your card with stamps you can choose to redeem it for a free coffee… or you can save it for a rainy day. Cool beans.


A home away from home…

Wouldn't you like to get away?

The powerful thing is that this all works regardless of which H+H store you’re in! Magic.

“As a new coffee brand in a crowded marketplace, we wanted to build an app that would change what customers expect from a high-street retail experience. ribot helped us achieve this vision with original thinking and placing the customer at the heart of design.”

Danielle, Director of Digital Experience at H+H


Getting rid of junk interactions

Because simple can become magical

We really wanted to keep the overall experience free of scanning cards, codes and manually typing out numbers from a customer's personal device, to another terminal, as other coffee shops have done. These steps are arduous, and reveal the ugly side of technology. We wanted to ensure that the end experience was fun, effortless (from both sides of the counter) and, most of all, magical…

Creating an addictive UX

It's all about the micro-interactions

The the check-in pull-down is an interesting micro-interaction in the ordering process. We're trying to get people to people to commit to a new behaviour; something small, simple and addictive, that they get immediate value out of. Our expectation is that people will get hooked on this memorable behaviour, and therefore get hooked on the result.


Snubbing the Flat UI movement

Cherry-picking from the trends

We knowingly went against the grain of mindlessly adopting the flat UI style. We still wanted to embrace the physicality of the real world experience, given that, with the digital loyalty card, it was sitting alongside something fundamentally real. That said, we did utilise the flat style in places where it seemed appropriate - most notably, the My Usual coffee options view, as shown here.

Digital-led architecture

App-led store architecture

It's the future…

We’re now having conversations with H+H architects about how to weave the app and the store experience really tightly together. Stores in the future will be built around the app experience, and not the other way around.

The promo vid

Here's the vid we created to show off the new app and its associated in-store experience

“ribot have created an app that seamlessly blends the digital and physical environments together, creating a truly delightful and industry-leading experience.”

Danielle, Director of Digital Experience at H+H

H+H app icon

So what are you waiting for?

Download the app, get to an H+H and check out the experience for yourselves!

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